about us

Shaanxi Zhongbei Chemical Refrigeration Co., Ltd. (former China Ordins Northwest Company Chemical Refrigeration Material Company) is a sales agent and service provider of famous   refrigerant companies and refrigeration chemical manufacturer. We have been acting as a sales company of chemicals, refrigerants and refrigeration materials for almost 20 years now, and we provide quality products and excellent services for customers in five provinces and cities in the northwest of China, and some places of Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Henan, and Sichuan province. Our products are mainly used in the fields of auto manufacturing, assembly, maintenance, central air conditioner, air conditioning, refrigeration house, country defense, industrial, commercial, construction, civil electrical appliances and refrigeration equipment, etc. At present, we are receiving a high reputation in this trade for steady and quality resources from famous brand companies and well-operated sales network. There are six cars in our company for commercial purposes, passenger and distribution. Due to experienced staffs, abundant experiences in the trade of refrigeration materials, strong executive ability and rapid and convenient service, we have established good cooperative relationships and business relations with customers in different markets. With extraordinary sales achievements and powerful strength, we have become a leading company in this field. Now, we annually sell more than CNY 38 million of products and over 1,200 tons of refrigerants every year. To provide better service for our brother companies in the downstream and upstream industries, we  have made a lot of efforts to provide better service for our brother companies in the downstream and upstream industries;  we increase the quantity of registered funds, invest more capitals, hire more persons and purchase more trucks for meeting the requirements of growing business. Relying on efficient coordination and excellent cooperation, we are working hard to provide supports for the rapid and mutual-benefited development of our brother companies!